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Paintings By Joyce Dille

Joyce Dille Art Chesterton Indiana

About Me

I live in Chesterton, Indiana. Chesterton is a small town located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan which is the home of the Indiana Dunes National Park and also the Indiana Dunes State Park.


These parks have beautiful beaches and sand dunes with great hiking trails. The dunes and the lake have given me an endless amount of comfort, enjoyment and inspiration for paintings.


It is not surprising that I have painted many dunes paintings and continue to do more. I became interested in art when I first learned how to hold a crayon and it has been an important part of my life ever since. 

More About Me

Lately I have been painting portraits and figures. The original inspiration for these paintings came from the architecture and design work of Art Nouveau. Now I am letting the paintings evolve. Each painting is inspired by the one before it. These paintings have an abstract element to them which has led me to some completely abstract work.


My choice of paint is acrylic. I have been using it for years and feel so comfortable with it I can’t imagine ever changing. I have a bachelor's degree from Purdue University but not in art. I have taken a few art classes but I’m mostly self-taught. I like the self-taught method of learning art because I am not interested in learning someone else's style of painting.

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